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I write this blog primarily to help me stay sane as I attempt to find a job in this, the last summer of the boy king’s reign in the United States. From a prior life in law school I recall “filius nulius” is the latin for a bastard child; literally, “child of no one.”  And that’s how one feels out here on the perimeter of American society. Nobody knows you when you’re down and out, as the song says.

So I keep my cell phone and Internet bills paid, and not much else (the wife is having a much harder time than I with the lack of DirecTV), and try to find work.  With few exceptions, this entire country’s economy has been built on credit: credit for consumption, not investment, and I and mine have been just as guilty as anyone buying into the glitzly madness of it all; when the note finally comes due this entire country is going to feel it, and our children are going to have to pay for it. That’s a helluva legacy.


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